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Your own personal backyard've been thinking about it. A new pool and spa will be the focal point of your newly created paradise. Sound good? It feels even better, but where do you start?

Getting Started

When planning for a new pool, there are many considerations. How will it look? Can we choose any shape or size? How much deck will we want? What is the best way to clean your pool? What options should we consider? Each consideration is an exciting step in the creation of your personal paradise. Begin planning by examining the wants and needs of your family. This initial step will help determine the type of pool to best fit your family's individual lifestyle.


A pool can be instrumental when it comes to relaxation. If this is your desire, the options are endless. Many of us associate the serene sounds of moving water with relaxation. Imagine beautiful rock water features and soothing spillways. The ultimate in relaxation might be the view of a negative edge pool or the comforting waters of a heated spa.

Pool Adventure

Family fun can be had in abundance with options that include slides, water features and water sports. Want to host the neighborhood basketball playoffs? Or how about a family-sized volley ball game? The play pool is the perfect size for sports and games with depths ranging from 3 to 5 feet. Cannonball contest, anyone? How about a wading pool for the little ones? If you can dream it, your builder can make it happen.

Exercise and Sports in the Play Pool

When considering the element of exercise, you may want to consider a play pool. Play pools are generally designed with a depth of 3ft to 5ft to 3ft. This pool is perfect for water sports such as volleyball, basketball, or even swimming laps. And after a long day of water basketball and volleyball, relax your tired, achy muscles in your attached spa. It's the perfect combination for the sports enthusiast.

Shape and Size

These two elements will depend upon your family's lifestyle and the size of your backyard. Talk to your preferred builder, their design professionals will help you select the perfect size, shape and location. Choose from the traditional rectangular or kidney shapes to a custom design created especially for your backyard. Any design you create can be cleaned with a Paramount In-floor system.

Beyond Basic...

The beauty is in the details when considering options and features. Selecting the right options will distinguish your pool by creating the perfect ambiance. Enticing water features, durable interior and exterior surfaces and product innovations are the final touches to that perfect paradise.


There are several types of filters available. Your design consultant will introduce you to sand filters, cartridge filters and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters. The purpose of each is to filter out your waters impurities, keeping it clean and healthy. Your builder can assist you in determining the right one for you.

Interior Surfaces

There are many beautiful surfaces available for your pool interior, contact your pool builder for what's available. Some finishes look like natural stone, while others can help enhance the natural beauty of water.

When it comes to decking you might want to think big. Poolside pleasure is an important component in the over all enjoyment of your pool. Think about poolside seating, lounges and shaded havens. Rolled bond beam, a technique that allows landscaping to come near the edge of the pool, can provide a nice alternative to decking when space is limited.

Cleaning Systems
When choosing all the options for your pool, the most important consideration is, "How will I clean my pool?" There are many cleaners on the market today, none are more automated and achieve the results of a Paramount In-floor pool cleaning system. In-floor systems require almost no maintenance and distribute pool chemicals evenly throughout the pool. Paramount Pool & Spa Systems offer in-floor cleaning and circulation systems for concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass pools. With a Paramount In-floor system your pool will clean itself so you don't have to.

Water Levelers

. Using the garden hose to maintain your pool's water level can result in a flooded yard for you and your neighbors! Automatic water levelers can do it for you automatically, while guarding against everyday water evaporation. In some regions evaporation isn't a problem. Water levelers in these regions automatically reduce the amount of water in a pool to prevent an overflow.

Water Purification

There are many choices available in maintaining a sanitary water environment. Your method of choice, from the traditional use of chlorine and other chemicals to more sophisticated systems, is largely a matter of personal preference and convenience. Some options are mineral based purification systems, salt-based chlorine generators, or ozone systems. Your pool builder can help you make the decision that is right for your pool.

Water Features
Not only does an elegant water feature bring years of extra enjoyment, but also it's an investment that adds to the value of your new pool and home. Beautiful rock waterfalls, therapeutic spas, sparkling fountains, raised spillways, cozy party coves and more! Exciting water features are the final touches you need to create that perfect setting.

Diving Pool

A diving pool differs from a play pool in regards to depth of the pool; minimum diving safety requirements must be met. You will want to be sure that your pool's design meets the safety requirements for diving use. As an alternative to a diving board you may want to consider a diving rock platform with a secluded grotto underneath.


Imagine a swim-up bar complete with stools and a barbecue, or umbrellas strategically placed around the pool for those desiring a respite from the sun. A favorite place for parties and family gatherings, your pool can be designed as an entertainer's paradise.

Pool Lighting

You can pull out all the stops with stunning custom water features, a Paramount In-floor cleaning and circulation system or fiber-optic lighted features. Whether you're planning for a party of two of fifty-two, your pool builder will guide you in selecting the right size, shape and options to create the perfect entertaining oasis.

Function Meets Design

Now that you've developed some ideas on how your pool will be used, lets think of combining these ideas with the available space. Next, let's think about combining the design with the pool location. Will the pool be used more in the morning, afternoon or evening? Plan for maximum sun when the pool will be used the most. Thinking of a family backyard BBQ? Or maybe late night poolside dining? Planning for these activities means adding a sufficient amount of deck. Taking some of these things into consideration will help you create a pool designed to encompass your vision of paradise for years of enjoyment.


Your new pool will become your backyard's focal point. Play areas, gardens and patios will all tie-in with your pool. You should create your personal paradise by incorporating your existing or planned porches, patios, landscaping and other property characteristics. When considering the placement of your pool, don't forget to consider the view from both inside and outside your home.


Water and children can be a fun, enjoyable and healthy combination as long as a few simple safety rules are observed. Adult supervision, effective barriers and knowledge of CPR will help provide a safe and fun atmosphere for you and your family. Barrier requirements vary from city to city and your design consultant will help you determine the proper barriers according to your local regulations.

The many functions of landscaping include beauty, privacy, wind protection, shade, and segregating play and garden areas from poolside. It's important to consider what plants will be around your pool. Some plants, shrubs, trees and flowers make better choices than others when your paradise includes a new pool.



Your Investment

Your pool is an investment in relaxation, fun, excitement, entertainment and more. Not only will it keep your family happy, it will also be paradise for the next family living in your home should you decide to sell. A pool can increase your property value and add curb appeal. When considering this investment, think about investing in long lasting quality. You may want to consider 100% financing with no down payments, consolidation loans, or second mortgage. Another consideration may be building the pool at the same time as your home and including it in your first mortgage. You should ask your pool builder about their financing options and see what they have to offer. The options are abundant when it comes to financing your paradise.

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